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10 most Dangerous Places in the World – UPDATED 2020

WARNING- Not for Faint-Hearted.

What do you think about the most dangerous places in the world? Sure, there are many places in the world that will provide you ease, beauty, and eye-candy views but what they lack is the adventure, excitement, and goose-bump giving captures. There are plenty of places to visit for scenic beauty and its really easy to find them but there are also some most dangerous places in the world which are meant for thrill and excitement. These deadliest natural places on earth are definitely not meant for ideal holiday destinations which are both safe and beautiful. These places are the most unsafe places to visit and are considered as the most ghetto places on earth. They are definitely not paradise places and are only advised for those who are serious for adventure, thrill, and one who don’t go through the flow of scenic beauty to visit. These most dangerous places in the world are also amazing creations of god and here we have listed those dangerous travel destinations which are the worst places on earth to live. A beautiful quote that comes to mind is:

And the most dangerous place on earth- is where you’re safe.

– Don Winslow

So, here is the list.

  1. Lake Natron, Tanzania – deadly place and the most inhospitable area of earth.
  2. Snake Island, Brazil – the deadliest place on earth
  3. Gate of hell, Turkmenistan – gateway to hell.
  4. Valley of Death, Russia – worst place on Earth
  5.  The Danakil Desert, Eritrea – A place of fire
  6. Skelton coast, Namibia – life chocking climate
  7. Bikini Atoll, Marshall Island – Radioactive area
  8. Madidi National park, Bolivia – A jungle Paradise
  9. North sentinel Island, India – Dangerous and Mysterious place.
  10. Death Road Road ( North Yungas Road ), Bolivia – Dangerous Road.

Let us begin with the most dangerous places in the world.

1. Lake Natron, Tanzania

Lake Natron is a  soda lake in Tanzania. It is in the Gregory Rift, which is the eastern branch of the East African Rift. This lake is better known as one of the most inhospitable areas on Earth and makes it suitable for a spot in the list of most dangerous places in the world. North Tanzania’s Lake Natron looks and acts a lot like a lake of fire. The lake’s water is so corrosive and inhospitable that it is considered the hell for animals excluding flamingos because they adapted this condition. Its water is corrosive to human skin and eyes, sometimes reaching a ph level of over 12.

The lake also contains red-colored bacteria, resulting in its unique pink-red hues. Even if most species cannot handle the 120-degree lake water, cyanobacteria have made Natron their home and are residing in it which has turned the lake its trademark reds and oranges. Flamingos call Lake Natron their home,  and it is one of their only breeding grounds, further making the protection of the lake a priority for the climate. It is among the 10 most dangerous places in the world and is also considered the most unsafe place to visit.

Activities you can do near Lake Natron

There are a number of campgrounds near this lake, which is also the base for climbing, OL Doinyo Lengai. Lake Natron has immense tourist attraction potentials. However, lack of a general management plan, inadequate funding at the operational level, lack of mechanisms to secure a fair distribution of ecotourism benefits and poorly developed tourism infrastructural facilities for the tourists, many people don’t prefer to go to this one of the most dangerous places in the world. However, if you get turned on by challenging yourself and you limits do try to plan a trip to Lake Natron.

Places to visit around Lake Natron

  • Ol Donyo Lengai 31 miles away.
  • Longido 52 miles away.
  • Ngorongoro Crater 73 miles away.
  • Northern Tanzania 73 miles away.
  • Karatu 74 miles away.
  • Lake Manyara National Park 78 miles away.
  • Arusha 85 miles away.
  • West Kilimanjaro 85 miles away.

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2. Skeleton coast, Namibia

The Skeleton Coast is the northern part of the Atlantic coast of Namibia and south of Angola and one of the most dangerous places in the world. It is extended from the Kunene River to the Swakop River. Skeleton Coast is spread till the north of Namibia. The skeleton coast ranks in the list of “the deadliest places on earth in 2020” because of it’s harsh climate, and it offers almost zero chance of survival if anyone visits there without full preparation. The weather, hot winds, and lack of water, food, and shelter makes it difficult for travelers to explore this silent place and it is obviously one of the most dangerous places to visit in the world but, Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is no doubt one of the world’s most hauntingly beautiful place of the world.

Apart from harsh climatic conditions, the area is filled with bones of numerous fauna (bones of whales, elephants, turtles, seals, etc.), giving an eerie appearance to the place. Apart from natural conditions, human threats (gang violence, robbery, threat) make it unfit for travelers to explore the place. Undoubtedly, it is among the most dangerous places in the world.

Activities to do near Skeleton coast, Namibia

  • Find endless inspiration for photographs
  • Scenic flights and see one of the most aerial view of the world.
  • Visit Cape Cross seal Colony.
  • See Black Rhinos at the Ugab River Rhino Camp.
  • Bird watching along sandwich Harbour.
  • Hike along the ancient Ugab and Huab Riverbeds.
  •  Take a Historical trip through kolmanskop.

Places to visit near Skeleton Coast, Namibia

  • Henties Bay
  • Cape Cross Seal Reserve
  • Skeleton Coast National Park
  •  Sand Dunes
  • Namib Desert

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3. Gate of hell, Turkmenistan

The Turkmenistan Darvaza Gas Crater also known as the “Gates of Hell” is one of the most dangerous places in the world. It is a natural gas field within an underground cave; Geologists set it on fire to prevent methane gas from spreading, and it has been burning since 1971. It is located in the middle of the Karakum Desert, about 260 kilometers north of Turkmenistan’s capital, near the village of Derweze, Ashgabat. This place is known for it’s scary and violent living conditions and sketchy environment.

The gas reserve that has been discovered here is one of the World’s most extensive natural gasses. Locals gave the name “Door to hell” to the area, referring to the explosion, boiling mud, and orange flames in the large crater, 70 meters (230 feet) in diameter. The hot spots spread across an area 60 meters (200ft) long and roughly 20 meters (66 ft) deep.

According to Turkmen geologists, the site was identified by Soviet engineers in 1971. It was originally thought to be a substantial Oil field site. The engineers set up a drilling rig and operations to assess the quantity of oil available at the site. Soon after the preliminary survey found a natural gas pocket, the ground beneath the drilling rig and camp collapsed into a wide crater and was buried. The living conditions and environment undoubtedly makes it one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Activities to do near Gate of hell, Turkmenistan

The main reason to visit the Gate of Hellis by tourist is only Camping. The Turkmen government hopes that the crater will become a popular tourist attraction for its wild desert camping. Gate of Hell is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and dangerous places in the world.

Places to visit near Gate of hell, Turkmenistan

  •  Wall of Itchan kala
  • Kow ata Underground Lake
  • Nokhur cemetery
  • Saparmurat Hajji Mosque

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4. Valley of Death, Russia

The Kamchatka Peninsula, in the Russian Far East, also renowned as Death Valley is named as one of the most dangerous places in the world for very obvious reasons. High concentrations of toxic gases found in this area pose a serious threat to every living thing: plants and animals die quickly, while people soon start to feel unwell and get a fever, dizziness, and chill which makes this place one of the most dangerous places to live in the world. This place is completely filled with volcanoes and many of them are active like Tolbachik and Sheveluch, are hyperactive, and frequently limn the land in fresh coats of lava paint. Most of Kamchatka is an icy volcanic wilderness – a UNESCO world heritage site whose geological curiosities and extraordinary aesthetics compel scientific visitors from around the world.

Activities to do near the Valley of Death, Russia

Visiting the Valley of Death is off-limits owing to the serious volcanic erruptions. You can only see the sight of the valley of death from a far distance. Highlights of Kamchatka, snowmobile at Kamchatka, and glamping at volcanic Khalaktyrsky are few activities you can do near Valley of Death.

How to visit the valley of death, Russia

The Valley of Death is closed for visitors. Tourists can’t go there but you can view it from afar. The valley can be observed from a specially organized observation deck installed at a safe distance from the valley. Visitors can enjoy the incredible landscape and listen to interesting facts explained by a tour guide. 

Places to visit near valley of death, Russia

  • Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
  • Paratunka
  • Yelizovo
  • Razdolnyy
  • Malka
  • Esso

 The volcanic activities and beautiful scenes make this place beautiful but one of the most dangerous places to visit in the world.

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5. The Danakil Desert, Eritrea

With one of the most uninhabited environments in the World is the Danakil Desert in East Africa. Here with temperatures that regularly exceed 50°C (122°F), volcanoes and geysers that spew toxic gas, the Danakil Desert is not an easily accessible location for travel enthusiasts and is considered as one of the most dangerous places in the world. Your physical health can be affected even if you stay there for a short period of time because of the harsh conditions for survival and hence this also considered as one of the most unsafe places to live.

 The most adverse effects occur due to the presence of high concentration of poisoning vapors of sulfur in the region. This region is a volcanically active area and to top it of, to increase the risk and adventure, the air temperature in the Danakil desert rarely falls readily below 50 degrees Celsius. Thereby making the Danakil desert one of the most dangerous places in the world. 

Activities to do at The Danakil Desert

  • Stand at the edge of Erta Ale, the longest lava lake.
  • Swim in the Ethiopia’s Dead sea, Lake Afrera.
  • Watch the world’s toughest workers.
  • Walk through otherworldly Sulfur hot springs in Dollol
  • Learn the Afar people live.

Places to visit near Danakil Desert

  • Asmara
  • Massawa                                        
  • The imperial Place
  • Senafe
  • Filfil

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6. Snake Island, Brazil

There is an island about 25 miles off Brazil’s coast where no local would ever dare to walk as it is one of the most scariest place to visit in the world. There are rumors that the last fisherman who strayed too close to his shores was found drifting in his boat quite a days later, dead in a blood pool. The mysterious island is known as Ilha da Queimada Grande, and setting foot there is reportedly so dangerous that the Brazilian government has made it illegal for anyone to visit there which has made this place eligible for being one of the most dangerous places in the world. The island’s threat comes in the form of the golden lancehead snakes – a pit viper species and one of the world’s deadliest serpents. It is the only home of the critically endangered, venomous Bothrops insularis which has a diet of birds. The snakes became trapped on the island when rising sea levels covered up the land that connected it to the mainland.

Activities to do near Snake Island

As this area is banned by the Brazil government, so there is nothing left to do here but there are plenty of things to do near by which are:-

  • Get soaked by Iguazu falls
  • Hang ten at Florianopolis Beaches
  • Be humbled by the Cathedral of Brasilia.
  • Recharge at IIha Gande
  • Dive head first into Abismo Anhumas
  • Trek Cliff faces at Aparadas da serra national park.

Places to visit near Snake Island

  • Cudugnon cave, 1.79km away.
  • Pangulasian Island, 2.59km away.
  • Cathedral cave, 5.27km away.
  • Simizu Island, 5.53km away.

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7.Bikini Atoll, Marshall Island

 Lost somewhere in the ocean, this island looks like a paradise, doesn’t it? But Bikini Atoll was actually home to numerous nuclear testing programs that turned the view of this eye smoothening island of Bikini into a radioactive dustbowl and also one of the most dangerous places in the world. The inhabitants and the locals were forced to abandon their homes, and even today this remains hazardous for all form of animals whether Human or anyone because of the high concentration of the radioactive waves which can cause cancer and other hazardous disease, But the natural beauty of this place is so alluring that it is a perfect example of some of the most beautiful and dangerous places in the world.

Activities to do near Bikini Atoll

  • Tamarama:- Avoid the crowds at Bondi and head to this tiny cove located halfway along the coastal walk to Bronte. 
  • Red leaf Beach :- Down the hill from New South Head Road in Double Bay lies this harbor-side gem, where locals gather at the outdoor café, on the small spit of sand, or upon the grassy knoll.
  • Bondi Beach:- Sydney’s most iconic beach is beloved by locals and tourists, sporting a curvy strip of sand backed by hip bars, cafes, and shops.
  • Manly Beach:-  This Sydney landmark is good for a getaway. Grab the ferry at Circular Quay for an awe-inspiring 30-minute ride north from the harbor to Manly Wharf, which is located in the buzzy center of the Northern Beaches and enjoy the good time.

Places to visit near Bikini Island

  • Arno Atoll
  • Majuro Bridge
  • Eneko
  • Alele Museum
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8. Madidi National park, Bolivia

 Madidi National Park is situated along the Amazon river in Bolivia and has an area of 18958 square kilometers. The national park, basically a dense forest, in which all kind of flora and fauna resides, some of these plant species are dangerous and are not suitable for eating purposes. The forest is filled with predators and dangerous animals due to which tourists are advised against visiting the park on their own. The forest is one of the largest protected areas of the world because it is a house of highly dangerous animals, birds, and plants and thus checks this place in the list of one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Activities to do in Madidi National Park

  • Guided Walks:- The trails are identified with local names of animals and plants and have been carefully designed so that travelers who visit here  can appreciate the tropical jungle and discover the natural world with ease
  • Night Hikes:- Equipped with a flashlight, guides will take you on one of the thematic trails to experience nocturnal wildlife and listen to the enigmatic sounds of the jungle after dark and you will relish the moment.
  • Discover the Amazon Rain Forest.
  • Watch beautiful birds species and calm your soul.
  • Watch the wildlife species closely.
  • Boating in the Santa Rosa Lake.
  • Tubing.
  • Learn Handicraft from Locals.

Places to visit near Madidi National Park

  • Palomani
  • Rici Apachita
  • Ulla Ulla National Fauna reserve.

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9. North Sentinel Island, India

North Sentinel island is situated in the Andaman Islands, India. It is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world for travelers to visit. The local people of this place have been living in their traditional way and have denied all the ways to connect with the outer world. The tribal people living on this island are not very friendly with outside people and if tourists step foot on their island, they see them as a threat and indulge in acts of violence thus making this one of the most dangerous neighborhoods

Another reason why people are asked not to visit the place is for the protection of the tribal community. They have absolutely no immunity to fight against any illness and tourists can carry some disease-causing germs and may spread it to the whole community leading to end of the whole community.

Activities to do at North Sentinel Island, India

Since it is a area of tribal community of tribes so there are traditional things to do here some of which are:-

  • Forest walk
  • Eat different types of traditional food
  • Discover the Beauty of nature.

Places to visit near North sentinel Island

  • Swaraj Dweep
  • Neill Island
  • Radhanagar beach
  • Baratang

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10. ‘Death Road’ Road ( North Yungas Road ), Bolivia

Plunging from high-altitude La Paz to the lush forest of the Yungas region, the North Yungas Road—often called Death Road—is a dramatic downhill route through constantly changing scenery. Driving up or down this 43-mile (69-kilometer) switchback is highly vicious because of fog, landslides, waterfalls and cliffs falling 2,000 feet (610 meters) in each turn. Until 1994, almost 300 drivers were killed every year, justifying its nickname and putting it in the list of the most dangerous places to visit in the world.

The road extends far enough to connect the Amazon rainforest to the capital city, surrounded by mountainous terrain and hilly rocks. This means that merchants were not unusual to cram into trucks and buses trying to sell their wood and crops in the area to earn their livelihood. The hairpin turns, however, were not wide enough for each vehicle — further leading many trucks to go down with people and their livelihoods. This Road has taken many lives and is definitely qualified for one of the most dangerous places in the world and is also currently one of the most dangerous road in world.

Activities to do at Death Road or North Yungas Road

It is a heaven for those who loves adventurous and thrill driving so drive these cuvy roads, CAUTIOUSLY!

Places to visit near Death Road, Bolivia

  • Lake Titikaka
  • Salar de Uyuni
  • Train Cemetery
  • Sucre
  • La gloria Castle

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These are the 10 most dangerous places in the world with harsh climate and severe living conditions. Some people might find it repelling but you should be amazed by the wonders of our wonderful earth.

The adventure junkies and travel freaks should visit these places at least once before you die. It is always good to challenge yourself and stretching your limits. We hope that this list of most dangerous places in the world help you craft your travel list better.

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