3-second rule

3-second rule: the new rule for zero conflicts.

You must have heard about the 3-second rule in various fields. The 3-second rule in basketball, the 3-second rule in dating, the 3-second rule for driving, the 3-second rule for food, the 3-second rule for dogs and others (all these came up in the google’s autofill search results!). But today I am not going to talk about these, we have already heard enough of it. Today, why not talk about the 3-second rule that will always help you out in life and make sure there are never any conflicts because of your actions; the 3-second rule of life- zero conflicts and fewer debates!

What is the 3-second rule of life that will revolutionize the way you behave?

The 3-second rule we need today is taking 3-second every time before you speak and act. This is the need of the world when all people do today si make hasty decisions and regret them later. Thinking wisely and weighing all the possible steps in any situation, normal or emergency is what will bring you amongst the top 5% of the population of the world. The 3-second rule is straightforward and easy to bring in to your daily schedule. Whenever you feel like there is something that needs even the slightest of thinking, stop and think! Don’t do anything just so you can get the work done fast or for impressing someone. Just take a breath and three seconds is all it takes. Always take 3 seconds before you speak and 3 seconds before you act.

The three seconds you take before you act on any situation and speak something are long enough for you to make a rational enough and are simultaneously short enough that you don’t have to be a statue and appear like a fool in front of someone. All it requires is one long and silent breath and taking all the factors that are in front of you to come to a particular conclusion and taking action.

Why do we need the 3-second rule in life?

Think before you speak

Time never stops and waits for none, and so does the world. Everyone in the world is hustling and working hard to make a better living each day. There is no time to stop. You can’t fall behind, and you need to catch up with the world if you want to keep your head up and live. With the fast pacing world, we never have the time to think and how we act and what we speak. We spit out what is in our head, and the consequences don’t really end well for us. This is where we need the 3-second rule. If you know how to work around the 3-second rule, you are practically making a better life and decisions for yourself, and in doing so, you are making sure that you are better than 95% of the population of the world.

It helps you walk through your daily jobs and shenanigans

When you are at work, there is an insane pressure of working well and proving yourself. You have to manage the workload and simultaneously also handle other aspects of your life. You get stressed and in many instances, very tired and angry. With hundreds of eyes watching over you, it’s effortless to mess up everything you have worked hard for by saying one wrong thing or committing one wrong action in the fit of stress or anger. If you are the boss or the leader of any team, then it is even more important for you to take every step carefully. One wrong decision or action can tarnish your hard-earned image forever.

This is where the 3-second rule will help you. How? Just take 3 seconds before speaking something when you are angry or stressed, take three seconds before taking a decision and 3 seconds before you act on that decision. Is it too much to ask? Of course not! Does it guarantee that you will make the right decisions and actions? No, you can never really guarantee that, but it is much better than deciding without thinking much. Even if you do make some damage, it would be a lot less than without the 3-second rule.

It protects your personal relationships

You unknowingly hurt the people you love. Even though you are comfortable around the people you love, your certain actions and words might harm the person in a way you can’t even imagine. A small misunderstanding can lead your relationships going to anywhere. Your words can cause pain and suffering to your cause ones. Causing a relationship to be bitter just because you took a step without thinking much would be the worst. At this time the 3-second rule will again come to your rescue.

3-second rule protects your relationship

Whenever you are angry or stressed, don’t speak or act instantaneously. Take a breath, relax and take 3 seconds before you make a decision. These 3 seconds are long enough for you to make a decision and speak something that isn’t coming out from a bad place within you. If you are at the receiving end, then also the 3-second rule will come to your aid. Instead of jumping to a conclusion right away, take the time to think if the person standing in front of actually meant what he/she did. Are you understanding correct, or is it something else? These 3 seconds might seem to be small but will prevent many big conflicts and fights and protect your relationships by leading a bad end. It will protect all relationships, be it your family, friends or partners.

It helps you in making a better decision

When you are doing all things right at your jobs, schools, relationships then there is nothing really left, but still, there is! The 3 seconds can also be used to make wise decisions in your life. Now, you know that you certainly need more than 3 seconds to take the biggest decisions in your life but those initial 3 seconds give you the courage and strength to make those life-changing decision. The 3 seconds will make you feel at ease and calm your heart when you are in trouble or having a meltdown. The 3 seconds will make you realise that some of the situations that you are stressing over aren’t really big and can be handled calmly by making the right choice and decision. What more do you need in life than doing right by your jobs, relationships and life!

How to practice the 3-second rule?

Now that you know why you need this 3-second rule and how it is important, then you must know how to bring it to practice and work out around it. The world is moving at such a fast pace that we aren’t designed to stop and think. Everything is a competition today, forcing us to make decisions instantaneously and believing that they will work out. Well, from what I have Learnt and experienced, life is not lucky for everyone. You can’t just blurt out anything and do whatever you want wishing that all will work out. It takes effort to live with fewer conflicts and debates, and that is why the tree second rule is necessary to practice.

It is not really hard to stop for three seconds, it just seems like that! If you look at the clock you might think that 3 seconds are long, but 3 seconds just passed while you were reading this sentence! To practice, the 3-second rule all you need to do is to start by taking 3 seconds in everything you decide on saying and doing today. Controlling the speech in moments of anger and stress is the hardest and so will its practice. So what you can do is, today whatever you speak, pause a moment, count to three and then speak. It will be so hard when you try it that you’d want to give up at that instance.

So remember this-even if you are successful once, in your 10 tries, it is a success! Try this for a week, and slowly you’ll gain the ability to use the 3-second rule when you are stressed and angry. The same thing can be done when you are doing something unusual. Just ask yourself, “Do I really want to do it?” Once you start questioning, then you can rest assured that you can, and you will master the 3-second rule lo lead a better life that has fewer conflicts and debates.

Final Thoughts

The 3-second rule is what you need. I am not just predicting it, but I have been using it since the lockdown began. Stress and anxiety have definitely gone to levels we can’t handle during this lockdown and saying and thinking wrong things is definitely what we don’t need! The 3 seconds rule comes to the rescue here. The lockdown is also the perfect time for you to practice the 3-second rule. You can take all the time you need to practice and come out as a better person who makes wise decisions once the lockdown is over.

The 3-second rule also helps you feel more in control and also makes you learn how to control your urges and self. I don’t think there is something better than taking a few seconds of life that can lead to so many benefits and good in life. You are increasing the quality of your lifestyle and in turn, being better than the majority of people in the world. Thinking calmly in situations of emergency is what sets apart a leader and the rest of the world. Be the leader of yourself and the world.

3 seconds is all it takes!

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