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About our blogs

These blogs are related to the unheeded questions that we usually think about during our daily life. Life is the most beautiful yet messy creation of god and the days we are living now, the small things we choose to neglect now will shape our future. Thus I will Make sure to talk about these unheeded issues and will try to connect with you all better. Through these blogs I hope that it would be easy for you readers to manipulate the situations in your favor and overcome that. I am telling you this as I have also experienced these scenarios in the past and seen many who through the emotional problems and are really unaware about what to do next. 

The difference blogspot will become a self-help guide in such conditions. If you want perfect destination for travelling, emotional, problems related to our teenage and youth and various psychological issues, my anonymous partner and  we are here for you.

Let us walk together to redefine our present and build a beautiful future.

These blogs are related to the unsung question that usually we face during our daily livings.

What We Do

We provide you the life hacks i.e. our personally tried and tested tips, theories and practices of the social and unheeded problems that a teenager has to face and provide you with some practical solutions to act like a basic first-aid before you decide to actually seek a professional.

Also, we you brief you about the most beautiful and scenic places of the various cities and countries across the world for you to save your valuable time in deciding where to begin.

We also publish blogs containing new things going around the world to brush your knowledge and memory.

Get answers to your questions

There are many things that we curious about when we are growing up and looking for answers can be a pain. But fear not, here are the solutions.

Discover beautiful places

In this section we will help you discover and explore beautiful destinations across the world before you actually decide to go there.

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Get to know about the best grooming and household products with their reviews. This section will provide you with the latest updates in Fashion World.


Years of experience ,
yes this is our age !


Who we are ?

We are a team of two members, one of us is traveling freak
and other who is expert in handling various Social and psychological problems.
we both are young bloods who have faced many problems and are still facing many.
We have decided to make our voices heard and help people like us facing almost the same problems.
We both are through with some problems now and some for which we are still trying to figure out the answers to it. But every now and then the thought that
" There must be others who are going through these situation can't even share it with anyone or can help themselves" pinches us.
We swayed , thought every moment and finally came up with the idea of help ourselves and others.
We will discuss them openly to help those who are suffering from such problems,
and provide you the the help that you need. Apart from this we both love to travel and who doesn't! WE love to collect information about these places and tabulate them for you to help you when you need to look at places real quick.

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Here is the solution to all your youth and adulthood problems.

Explore the scenic beauty of world.These places will leave you spell bound.

In this Section you will find the grroming and daily need products for yourself with the reviews.