best gift for your sister

Best gift for your sister for Raksha Bandhan.

Many of us are fortuitous enough to be blessed and be enchanted with a sister and thus you need to make her feel special and cared for. Many of you struggle while thinking of what you should gift your sister. You are catching up this post, because Raksha Bandhan or her birthday or any other special occasions are coming closer. It is very obvious that you’ll struggle finding a perfect gift for your sister. You want it to be perfect and want to make her happy. That’s a lot of pressure! Stick to the end of the article to find the perfect gift for your sister and make her happy and satisfied.

The Special Bond with you sister

You fight every day, but still, you hang out together. You call her with comical names, and happily accept what you get called in return. She steals your best T-shirts and you can’t help but feel lost and secretly funny simultaneously. You tease each other but still, anyhow she can convince you to get into your mom’s makeup. She will annoy you but will never let you slumber with an empty stomach. She will support you and willingly give you her savings but will never give you the Television remote. That’s the beauty of this love-hate bond. Make your sister feel special and find her the special gift that is as special as your bond.

A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves—a special kind of double.

-Toni Morrison

Here is the list of the best gift for your sister.

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1. A Bracelet

Bracelet is such a pretty ornament that girls love to have. It is one of the best gifts for your sister. There is no age bar for wearing a bracelet, a little girl to older women; everyone can wear bracelets to compliment their attire.

Best Bracelets for Women

This Nevi Crystal Bracelet from Swarovski is one of the best gifts to give to your sister. This is stylish, it is trendy and is luxurious and won’t be too hard on your pocket. It has an elegant look and a sparkle that will mesmerize you. Buy this for yourself or your sister to get a glamorous look.

best gift for your sister-bracelet

Style with precious simplicity

2. Gift your sister a dress

You cannot keep girls away from clothes. They might have different preferences. Some might like cute dainty dresses or some might like over-sized hoodless but they do love clothes.

Best dresses to gift your sister

best dresses to gift your sister

The Aurelia dress is perfect if you want to go for an ethnic and authentic look. This full length dress makes you feel special and beautiful about yourself.

Best hoodie to gift your sister

A crop hoodie is also a great gift for your sister. It is cute and stylish and perfect for casual attire. Gift your sister the hoodie to make her feel comfortable and relaxed.

3. A customised chocolate box

Who doesn’t love chocolates? They are impeccable for cravings or relinquishing stress and some studies suggest these can boost brain function. You don’t need a reason to eat chocolate, just eat it!

Best Chocolates to gift your sister

Buy Hershey’s nuggets special dark chocolate with almond and experience the utmost delight as they subtly melt in your mouth.
I personally can not stop once I begin eating these. This chocolate treat is the perfect gift for your sister to satisfy her and make her happy.

Gift your sister hershey's chocolates

Chocolate kissed with love

4. Gift your sister a handbag

Women Handbags are a very essential fashion statement that are needed to complete a look. They are not only required to keep your purse and phone but there is a plethora of essential items that need to carried every time women go out. Handbags are very appealing and can make or break the look easily thus is a very good gift to give your sister.

Best handbags for women

Handbags are luxury items and are quite extravagant sometimes. We care about our readers and are happy to offer more frugal but good quality alternatives. This Butterflies Women’s handbag comes with a wallet combination and is an excellent gift for your sister. The handbag is capacious for your more immensely colossal items and also has more smaller pockets for the delicate items as well. With stylish design, ample space and chic look, this handbag is a majority gratifier.

best handbags for women-gift your sister

Adding moments of styles

5. A Pendant

A perfect small pendant will complement every dress and make your sister remember you whenever she wears it. A perfect neck piece will not irritate the skin and is lightweight and elegant. It is an authentically convenient gift and easy to gift to anyone until you know their taste. Gift you sister a beautiful small pendant and make her feel blissful and ecstatic.

Best Pendants for women

best gift for your sister- pendant

Gift your sister the Clara Silvo 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Lexi Pendant with Swiss Cubic Zirconia for Women and Girls. Let your sister celebrate the spirit of solitaire jewellery. The packaging is neat and comes in beautiful Clara Box with authenticity card to make it suitable for gifting.

best pendant for women and girls- gift your sister

Gift your sister the GIVA Classic Silver Leaf neckpiece featuring shining leaves and the whole pendant hanging on a glimmering silver chain. It is pretty and chic and comes with very beautiful packaging perfect for gifting.

6. Gift your sister a Perfume

Not only girls but everyone desires to smell pleasant and feel good about themselves. You don’t want bad odors giving out negative first impression in your important affairs. Thus perfume is one of the best gifts for your sister that will come in quite handy for her. Perfume is the key to memories!

Best perfumes for women

This Titan Skinn Nude Eau De Perfume is a perfume that will heighten your charm and set you a class apart. This is made by celebrated perfumes in France and engenders a lasting experience. The fruity blush and fragrance can instantly lighten the mood for a fresher start, thus making it a good gift for your sister.


gift your sister the best perfume

The fragrance larger than life

7. Ear rings

Women should never go out without earrings. Passing them on is an opportunity missed.

A perfect pair of earrings can increase you appeal 10 folds. It connotes femininity and increases self esteem. They are the oldest form of adornments and are widely popular among young girls today, hence one of the best gifts for your sister.

Best earrings to gift your sister

The Shining Diva Gold Plated earrings are the perfect gift for your sister. These fancy stylish earrings are perfect for Daily wear, college wear or even party wear. The color will complement every outfit. Gift this imitation jewellery to your sister that will be loved by her and  fits your budget as well.

Gift your sister earrings

Moments of precious craft

8. Watches for expressing style

Watches aren’t an obsolete accessory. Sure you have your mobiles and iPhones but there is nothing that can beat the ease and fashion of a wood watch or a designer time piece. Wearing a watch expresses your personal style. Watches are thus one of the best gifts for your sister.

Best watches for women

Buy the Timex Analog White Dial Women’s watch that has a Rose Gold stainless steel band and a white circular mineral glass dial. This is the best gift for your sister that has a highlighted crown and a Folding clasp for better grip. This has a classic detailed dial that will make you look apart from the crowd.

Suggested: Buy yourself the best Men’s Best Watches.

Best watches for women

The right time for life

9. Gift your sister the perfect Footwear

You always need more than one style of footwear for your various different attires. You can’t wear the same sneakers or sports shoes every where or anywhere you want. Gift your sister the kind of footwear she needs. It can be trendy heels or robust sports shoes or just casual sneakers for everyday purposes.

Suggested: Buy the best sports shoes for men.

Best footwear for women

Best heels for women

You can gift your sister the Ankle Strap Block heels that are available in a variety of colors and are also profoundly comfortable. These can easily mix and match with any outfit.



Gift your sister running shoes


Gift your sister the Puma Women’s Jaro Metal WNS Running Shoes if she is more into sports. These are light weight and very comfortable for athletic purpose. These additionally have an elegant look thus can also be used for daily wear purposes.

10. Gift your sister a book

Bracelet is such a pretty ornament that girls love to have. It is one of the best gifts for your sister. There is no age bar for wearing a bracelet, a little girl to older women; everyone can wear bracelets to compliment their attire.

Best Books for reading

If you don’t know what she likes then giving a self help book can also do the work. “The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck” by Mark Mason is the generation-defining self help guide is the perfect book that shows you how to be better and happier. Manson doesn’t sugar-coat or equivocate. He tells it like it is—a dose of raw, refreshing, honest truth that is sorely lacking today. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k is his antidote to the coddling, let’s-all-feel-good mind-set that has infected


Best books for reading- Mark Manson.

11. iPod for the music lovers

Bracelet is such a pretty ornament that girls love to have. It is one of the best gifts for your sister. There is no age bar for wearing a bracelet, a little girl to older women; everyone can wear bracelets to compliment their attire.

Best iPods for listening Music

Best iPods for listening music

Gift the Sony iPod to your sister. It is extremely lightweight with 35 hours of complete playback music battery. With 8 GB memory size and digital display, this is one of the best gifts to your sister.

Gift your sister iPods

Gift your sister the FiiO M3K Shell Music Player that comes at the same price but with 16 GB storage capacity. This has an incredibly clear sound and low noise floor. It has a body and IPS screen you’ll want to touch and look at.

12. A personalized portrait of your sister

Now you don’t have to be an impeccable excellent artist for the job but a personalised portrait is still the best thing to gift your sister. It has the value and shows your sister that you dote and care for the little details. It will be a memory and keep sake that she will keep on for ages.

Best places to get personalized portraits

best personalised portraits

This customised Engraved photo on wood from Incredible Gifts India is one of the best gifts to give your sister. It is made on Natural Imported Wood and the uploaded photos are printed after laser engravings on it. These can be personalized with various wooden plaques, messages and sizes at a nominal price.

best personalised portraits to gift your sister


Another option from Incredible Gifts India is the smaller size only picture frame. If you are looking something cheap then this is the best gift for your sister. The engravings are clear and show good workmanship as well.

13. Gift you sister a Make-up Kit

Well we know all girls aren’t into make-up, but some are; why take them of the list. If your sister is into make-up or is an aspiring make-up artist then a make-up kit is the best gift for her to make her happy and tell her that you support her.

Best Make-up kits for women

This Cosmac professional make-up kit has all the basic essential items that your still will need for her. Gift your sister the best kit for herself or buy it for yourself!

Makeup kit for women

Same soul new look

14. A Drawing Set

A set of Graphite pencil, A Sketch book, Charcoal pencil set or high quality colours could be the best gifts for your sister if she like painting, sketching, or any sort of artistic work. By gifting these you are making sure that she knows you support whatever she does and additionally giving her the resources she requires. She will adore you for gifting something she can genuinely use to sharpen her skills.

Best Drawing Sets

best drawing set to gift your sister

Gift you sister the Angel Bear 29 Pieces Professional Sketching & Drawing Art Tool Kit with Graphite Pencils, Charcoal Pencils, Paper Erasable Pen, Craft Knife-Lightwish (with Canvas Rolling Pouch) art kit for her sketching and art interest. This is a complete kit and will suffice her requirements.

best canvas set for drawing

Gift your sister the Kurtzy Professional Tripod Display Telescopic Stand Artist Painting Sketching Easel with Carry Case and 4 Size Plain Canvas Board for her drawing and art. Drawing in canvases will give her a professional feeling and keeping her motivated while she is pursuing her passion.

Closure to the article

These are some of the things that will be best to gift your sister. It does not necessarily mean you can buy these only for someone else. If you like them for yourself, or your mother, or your partner, then why wait! Buy these and show your loved ones that you are thankful for their support and value them.

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