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Best Running Shoes for Women- choose the best!

When you want to begin working out or trying to be a regular runner or jogger than you want everything to be perfect- your diet, your track, and most importantly your running shoes. If you are already a pro runner or athlete then there is no way you would accept an ordinary pair of running shoes. You need the perfect pair that is best suited for your needs. Here is a guide for you to pick your perfect running shoes that will suffice everything according to your needs and demands.

What to consider before choosing right running shoes:-

It is very important to choose the right shoes with correct features that are best suited for you or the type of work you need them for. This insures that you won’t have any injuries or unnecessary joint pain or back pain. There are a few things that should be kept in mind before buying any running shoes.

  • Level of cushioning: Decide the right amount of cushioning for your feet. Most women runners prefer a medium amount of cushion with a softer feel however, some runners prefer less cushion for shorter distances and for speed. More cushioning usually means a lower impact on each stride, but generally lower speed. For jogging purposes prefer more cushioning running shoes.
  • Level of stability: Some running shoes are marketed as “stability” shoes, which means that they will help runners with corrective structure. Stability shoes are made to counteract pronation and reduce the awkwardness of the angle at which the runner’s foot and ankle bend on impact.
  • Heel-to-toe drop: You’ll notice that some running shoes have very thick heel cushioning, and a sloping effect towards the toe. Many shoes are designed this way to promote a forward “rolling” effect as the runner strides, and this is created by the net difference in the heel height to the toe height. Some women runners prefer a large heel to toe differential. Other women prefer a “flatter” running shoe in which the heel is at roughly the same height as the toe because they say it promotes a more “natural” running motion. This is really up to the runner’s preferences.
  • The shape of the shoe: Some running shoes are wider than others in certain areas. If you have wide feet, you’ll not like narrower running shoe models. Make sure you pay attention to the shape of the shoe – more importantly at the toe area.
  • The material used in the upper: Some shoes have very rigid materials in the upper. Others have more flexible mesh. If you want more flexibility, you should probably look for more mesh or fabric in the upper area of the shoe. If you want more durability, leather and other synthetic materials should be your choice.
  • Type of sole: Flat sole helps in running more easily when compared to heeled shoes. Look for a flat heel shoe when choosing for running shoes.

It is very important that you try out all the types of running shoes and over time you’ll find your ideal type.

Here are the top 15 best Running Shoes for women.

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Best Running Shoes for women


Nike is one of the most famous brands in the market for consistently producing stylish and quality running shoes for women and men. The Nike Women’s WMNS Flex  RN Running Shoes provides better stability, better traction, and flexibility. There are a lot of color schemes to pick from for making it suitable for casual purposes as well. This running shoe is very comfortable, lightweight, and have a breathable upper. These have responsive cushioning for customers’ satisfaction and come at an affordable price. These shoes are preferred for regular runners who need light, simple yet durable running shoes. These shoes are supportive even after months of trainings and long walks.

Nike Shoes

The Nike Women’s W Renew Rival Running Shoes are another minimalistic running shoes that are perfect for running or jogging for women. The high ankle length will protect from injuries by providing support and protection. This running shoe will fit perfectly on your feet, are not too narrow, will provide perfect cushioning and breathability. These can also be worn for hikes and are so comfortable that your feet won’t hurt after a long day of walking. It is true to it’s size and you do not have to worry about it slipping when you sprint. These are best preferred for people who wish to run long and can also be used for playing casual basketball games. Buy these shoes if you tend to do a lot of standing or walking work. These are long-lasting and won’t be heavy on your pockets well.

Best Running Shoes for Women

Adidas has long been perceived for making the best running shoes and it has stood by its image. The Adidas Women’s Running Shoes offer great breathability and stretch on the upper. The bounce and the support are great that gives a great return of energy so that you can run flawlessly. This running shoe provides comfort and puts less pressure on your feet while running. These running shoes are best for people who wish to go for a long run and also have good looking shoes. It has a modern design that looks chic and easy. The shoes naturally follow the direction of your foot for comfortable running and support. These shoes can also be used for casual purposes due to its versatile style.

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Best Running shoes for women

The Adidas Women’s Videll W Running Shoes offer great performance and unique style. The color and design of shoes is unique and feminine and can be used for other purposes as well. The quality of the product is good and are long-lasting. This running shoe is suitable for women who run only short distances or prefer speedrunning. These are incredibly lightweight that it would feel like you are running barefoot. These provide the perfect balance between speed and support. The sole is made to absorb the shock no matter how fast you are running. Use these running shoes to provide good support to your feet while running while also carrying your style and fashion.

Impossible is nothing

Puma Shoes

Puma is a company that doesn’t require an introduction. It is a well-known brand in the world and can be trusted without thinking again. The Puma Women’s Ignite Flash Evokni Shoes are comfortable, fit well, and look really chic. The elastic fiber gives flexibility making it roomy enough for wide variety of foot shapes. This running shoe can also be worn without socks because of its zero footbeds but it is recommended to always wear it with socks to keep it in good condition for a long time. These running shoes will make you feel confident and the versatile style makes it suitable for all items of clothing. These can be used to hike or forest exploration or flat racing.

Forever Faster with Puma

Best Sports Shoes for women

Reebok shoes are exceptionally made and are generally comfortable. The Reebok Women’s Speed Xt Running Shoes are excellent value for money and are enduring and long-lasting. The mesh material is breathable that helps to de-odorize on its own. These are best for runners who need more supportive shoes. The foam at the heels gives it plenty of cushion and support to reduce strain on your ankles and feet. Thus these shoes are well suited for mellow-runners or walking purposes. The colors are quite bright as well that will lift your spirits when you are tired and look at your feet while resting on a bench. These are one of the best running shoes for women who want to add a cool pair of running shoes to their collection.

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Under Armour has become one of the top running shoe brands with an amazing line-up of comfortable running shoes. The shoes are good quality and comparable to other major brands such as Nike and Adidas. The Under Armour Women’s Shoes are so incredibly lightweight that you’d feel you are in socks rather than in shoes. These shoes are preferred for runners who are training for marathons or cross country races. The shoes are amazingly flexible with great cushioning and versatility. These shoes will prevent running injuries and strain to your ankles by locking them in the correct place. These running shoes give priority to a responsive ride and soft cushioning takes utmost care of your feet. If you have no experience buying running shoes or looking for a first pair then these are the shoes for you.

Give yourself premium comfort

Best Running shoes for women

If you are going comfort and also need a good brand then you can go to Skechers. Despite the big bed of foam the Skechers Women’s Running Shoes are lightweight and supple. You would need some extra cushioning for the shoes if you intend to use them for long runs thus it is preferred for shorter strides. Faster runners will love this for their excursions and appreciate the beauty and comfort of the shoes. These have a snug fit and can be easily slipped in thanks to a high instep. They sit firmly on the tow without any discomfort. These are only suitable for short runs and not for marathons or slow pace running and can cause pain in knees and hips.

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Best running shoes for women

Skechers has able to set up a good brand value in the market of running shoes. Skechers provide one of the finest shoes for women which include some stunning masterpieces. The Skechers Women’s Go Ride 7 Shoes is made to move in any direction and is great for all-around running and training for women. This shoe for women has been perfectly designed for running purposes and meant to play any sort of sport. Apart from the performance in running it is also designed to be stylish and trendy and provides perfect cushioning while running. This shoe has an extra cushioning at the ankle height to provide extra safety to the ankle. There is no heel in these shoes i.e it has a flat sole to provide comfort during running. These running shoes will also look good in gyms or coffee shop and serve multiple purposes.

Give yourself premium comfort

Fila Shoes

Not far behind in the race are Fila Running shoes. They have attractive pieces for women that not only serve for running but also other casual purposes. The Fila Women’s Terbax W running shoe is the only laceless running shoes on the list. Since it is laceless it is recommended only for people who not serious athletes and take casual jogs sometimes. This Fila shoe has elastic fit ankle protection for extra comfort. This shoe is a safe and stylish piece for Women at an affordable price. The best thing about these shoes is that they are lightweight and are very durable. Apart from this, the breathability of this shoe is very good because it is laceless and thus you can wear this all day. Due to this, it is also preferred by women who have standing jobs like hospital work. The sole is also made up of rubber to prevent slipping. This is one of the best running shoes for women that can serve multiple purposes.

Say hello to Power Style with Fila

Best Running shoes for Women

This is yet another masterpiece by Fila. This piece by Fila is a laced version and thus can be used for running purposes very well. Being high ankle length, this Shoe provides extra protection and support. This running shoe provide perfect cushioning and absolute breathability. The shoes are stylish and snappy. Your feet will not get hurt even after a long run. These shoes are preferred for those who are logging serious miles or hitting the track for some speed work. This shoe is one of the best running shoes for women and will be a good addition to your collection so that you don’t have to think about buying a new pair every month. 

Say hello to Power Style with Fila

Best sports shoes for women

Puma is a brand that is known for producing stylish and trendy shoes with newer designs without compromising the quality even a bit. Puma has been known to give on-trend styles and this what the This Puma NRGY Dynamo Futuro Women’s shoes offer. This Shoe is very flexible and stylish. It has an eye-catchy look and every color variation of this shoe is very attractive. The high foam gives a plusher feel and it lends the shoe a bouncy ride. The rubber sole prevents the risk of slipping and helps add traction and durability. Most importantly, this shoe doesn’t need to be washed frequently, clean dry cloth will do the work most of the time. So if you are lazy and too lazy to work then these shoes are the best as they require very little maintenance. These running shoes are best for people who are looking for a super-cushioned and comfortable run.

Forever Faster with Puma

Best running shoes for women

ASICS has been a brand on the rise and is on its way to cementing its position in the running shoes industry. ASICS Women’s Gel-Contend 5 Shoe has some of the best and unique qualities that make it one of the best running shoes in the market. It provides with great momentum boost and supports your gait when you are at the end and feeling the strain. It provides great grip and amazing traction at all surfaces thus allowing to maintain a proper rhythm during the runs. For this quality, these running shoes are best for runners who need more support and are preparing for their first marathon. In terms of price the shoes are very approachable and will last a long time.

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Shoes for women

New Balance is a brand that has great corporate integrity. New Balance is known to stick to high-quality standards and thus provide excellent and long-lasting running shoes. The New Balance Women’s Roav V1 Fresh Foam Shoes have a foam midsole that allows comfort without adding weight or bulk. The high ankle covering style protects the heels at the midsole and is intended for the runner to move freely and focus the energy forwards. It also has various feminine color combination that provides you confidence and femininity. This shoe is designed for casual athletic purpose and longer runs and preferred for runners who want a cushioned run for a long marathon or good shoes to flaunt in the gym. It is a bit on the costlier side but it is worth the money and will be your partner for a long time. It provides styles with comfort. It has a very attractive look and a cushioned sole for greater bounce energy returns. 

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Best Running Shoes for Women

Power (Bata’s line of shoes) have some of the good and stylish running shoes for women in its collection. This shoe by Power is lace-less and is very comfortable for recreational athletes. The shoes provide a sturdy grip and the flat heel ensures that you do not experience back pains or joint pains. For this reason, this running shoe is recommended for casual purposes and not for heavy runners. Women who do a lot of standing jobs can use this for extended comfort. These running shoes also have responsive cushioning that give your feet the care they deserve. Theses running shoes come in attractive and bright colors and can be used with all types of casual clothing as well.

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Whether you want to work out or go for a normal jog, whether it is running a marathon or normal gym work, decent running shoes are a must. Investing in good quality shoes will prevent foot and ankle damage and make your run pleasant and satisfying. Some people are brand loyal, some just try experimenting with new things. Whatever it is, invest in running shoes. Trust me, it is a good investment.

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