Best watches for men

Best Watches for Men in 2020: Wait for No. 7!

Today the use of watches is much different when it first used to be. Since the easy accessibility of smartphones, people are forgetting the use of watches but it is very necessary to have a good watch in the professional world today. Wearing a watch complements your style and outfit. A good-looking watch enhances your appearance and can be seen as a status symbol.
Wearing wrist watches can improve your everyday life activities and an iconic or rare, limited-edition timepiece can increase its value over time. It would be a shame to not invest in a watch that will save you tonnes of time in the future and increase your productivity.

Here are the top 10 best Watches for Men.

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Best Watches for Men

OLEVS watches have a trendier look along with the immense sophistication and style it provides. The OLEVS Analogue Men’s Watch is all about the added dose of Charisma, which blends elegantly with the manly requirements of spreading beauty in every stride they walk with.
This watch is provided with automatic timekeeping for perfect accuracy. This watch has a very eye-catchy and versatile color that can be matched up with any attire. But, personally recommended this Olevs watch will perfectly go with formal attire and thus, this watch is a prime wish of any office going guy. The Olevs watches are designed to shower elegance and formality. The OLEVS watches are classic and suitable for gifting to your loved ones, father, husband, brother, or partner.

Best Watches for men

Daniel Klein has some of the best watches for men in good quality and medium-range price segment. This watch is available in more than 60 countries. The Daniel Klein Watch provides a classy and professional look.

According to the design of this watch, the attire recommended is light color jeans and a full sleeve shirt with buttons on. This will attract anyone’s eye on your classy watch. Apart from this, Daniel Klein watch has also an inbuilt stopwatch for ease of the user. The watch can also be worn with casuals, but the attire should be chosen accordingly for the perfect look of the watch. This is one of the best watches for men to offer high quality as well as lightweight feel.

Fashion for everyone


Sonata is an esteemed brand with some top-class best watches for men in its collection. Sonata offers a stylish and contemporary design to add special preciousness on all occasions. This watch is one of the best pieces of Sonata. This watch will perfectly go with casuals and is recommended for a mid-age guy up to 35.

The black color of the watch will go with light shade upper attire, to be precise a light shade shirt would be considered perfect for this watch. This is one of the best watches to have in your collection. It fits perfectly without looking big and bulky and has a classy and elegant look. It has a stone studded dial and a classy deployment clasp for an even classier look. Personally, this is one of the favorite watches and is very durable.

Don’t wait


Titan Men’s watches are a perfect style adornment. The Titan Octane Chronograph Multi-Colour Dial Men’s Watch provides you with immense satisfaction after donning the attractive timepiece on your wrist. The watch has a leather band, which provides a formal look to this watch. The beautiful dial and almost perfect color combination have paved the way to be one of the best watches for men. Inbuilt stopwatch, solid end strap, color combinations are the main key factors of this watch. Being a bit formal, this watch is recommended to office going guys or any other with professional work.
Talking about the attire with which the watch goes; dark-toned shirt and medium shade jeans will go with this watch as it has a light colored dial. The recommended attire will attract others’ attention to the watch. This is one of the best men’s watches if you want to diversify your collection.

Best Watches for men

Fastrack is one of the top brands for the best watches to keep the correct record of time with a cool sense of fashion. The Fastrack watches are stylish and ooze class & sophistication once you wear them. Fastrack has designed this watch to go with a casual look.

The watch has a white dial, which means that this watch will go with a bit dark color shirt or suit. The strap of this watch is a bit fancy, so this watch is recommended for a mid-age boy. This Fastrack watch is known for its durability. This is one of the best watches to have in your accessory collection to match your taste and attire and can be used for everyday purposes.

Come Out of the closet

Best Watches For men

This is yet another masterpiece by Titan. Titan Watches today provides us with superior craftsmanship, innovative technology, and trustworthy product quality. This watch is truly a gem by titan because this watch is fully loaded with elegance and fashion. Though it has a leather band still this watch can go with formal as well as casual.
The Titan watch is approachable, simplistic, and is at an affordable price. The Buckle clasp provides increases security and ease of adjustment and ensures a great fit while allowing better ease of wear. Beautiful at first sight and breathtaking when adorned having a few Titan watches in your collection is always worth it.

Be more with Titan

Casio watches give a good first impression with its decent looks in a very affordable price range. Casio watches are known for their durability. Casio not only been able to make its brand name in the market but is also maintaining it well for a good period now. The beautiful and eye-catchy look of this watch made it one of the best men’s watches.

The watch is generally recommended for a formal look and even better with a dark-toned attire. This watch is very strong and if handled carefully, it can last long up to 5 years or more. Casio watches are made to truly suit the lifestyle of its diverse users. This watch would be perfect with any semi business casual look and would help to boost your aura instantly.

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Best watches for men

NIBOSI watches provide you with some of the best watches for men that give you a luxurious look at affordable prices. Nibosi watches are known for their vogue and eye-catchy looks. Apart from being affordable Nibosi watches are very fashionable and trendy. This watch is stylish and is thus basically recommended for a young age guy. But it can be usually worn by anyone during any occasion or party. It has also a small window for the date in the dial and also has a stopwatch within the dial hat signifies you value time and know what is need of the hour. It is recommended to wear this watch with light shade clothes to enshrine the beauty of the watch.
This is one of the best watches to gift your loved ones on special occasions and festivals, father’s day, graduation, or Valentine’s Day. It can also bear water splashes and is thus considered as one of the best watches for men that is durable and can be used for everyday purposes.

Praised by Heart

Best watches for men

Fossil Watches are inspired by creativity and ingenuity. They have some best quality and fashionable watches that are easily accessible. Fossil watches are engrossed with elegance and formality. This is beauty with elegance. The watch has a formal look with a classy leather band. This is a perfect piece for an office guy and particularly anyone who does not want a shaky-wacky watch. It also has a rustic look which makes it more classy.

The Fossil Chronograph White Dial’s Men’s Watch is an end of a season style model. The watch will go with any dark shade attire like any dark shade shirt plus a light colored jeans. This is one of the best watches to have and wear. The genuine cal skin leather and cream dial make it a must-have watch for your everyday collection. This is the perfect watch for you if you are an adventure freak and love to travel the world.

Long Live Vintage

Timex also has some of the best watches for men and has established itself as a trustworthy brand over the years. This Timex watch has a very versatile color and can go with any attire. It is a mix both formal and casual thus it can be worn by anyone who likes to wear one watch all the time. Timex watches reflect maturity and sincerity in its appearance.

This contemporary watch from Timex is perfect for channeling a relaxed loom and appropriate wear for any casual occasion. Timex has its brand value with one of the best exchange policy. This watch can be worn to any of the corporate events without drawing too much attention or looking bulky. Due to good brand value, Timex watches are a bit high-priced but they provide a very decent look that will value your money. This Timex watch with a timeless design is a must-have in your collection.

It takes a liking and keeps on ticking

The IBSO analog Watches are some of the best watches to have for a relaxed and casual look. IBSO is currently trying to compete with other already established watches like Sonata, Casio and thus IBSO watches are a bit less costly so it is a good time to invest before IBSO watches become giant.

This watch is a masterpiece by IBSO in style and fashion. The Grey leather band celebrates the timeless preppy analog fashion. This watch is very stylish and is thus recommended for a casual outfit and it is not generally used as professional wear. The IBSO watches give a classy yet laid-back look and are a must-have in a good watch collection.


Best Watches for Men

TIMEX is an international manufacturer and marketing brand for exclusive and amazing watches. Thus, you must have some excellent TIMEX watches in your collection. The TIMEX Expedition Analog-Digital Beige Dial Men’s watch is a fantastic watch for people who wish to stay exceptionally fashionable. The watch a bit rustic look which gives it an even more fashionable look. Timex has some classy masterpiece which makes it a trustable brand.
For security reasons, the dial case is protected with fine crystal and is attached with an easy buckle clasp for a genuine grip. TIMEX watches are designed with utmost perfection and this particular watch has the ease to view time in multiple formats. The artistic design of the watch gives it a perfect balance between simplicity and elegance. This watch is suitable to wear to business meetings or interviews.

It takes a liking and keeps on ticking

Daniel Klein best men's watches

The Daniel Klein Analog Gunmetal Dial Men’s Watch is another amazing watch to have in your watch collection. This has got a Gunmetal color which gives it a unique look. It has a brown leather band which gives it a bit professional look and is thus recommended for professional and office going guys.

But, Daniel Klein’s Watches are perfect to go with formals and casuals as well. This watch is incredibly lightweight without jeopardizing the superior quality and features. This watch would go with your business casual attire and you would look extremely sophisticated wearing the watch. Pair it up with good business casual shoes for the perfect look.

Fashion for everyone

Fastrack best watches

Fastrack as earlier said is one of the top youth brands for affordable accessories including watches. The Fastrack Analog Silver Dial’s Men’s watch has a silvery look for a classy look. The band is made of stainless steel and is silver to offer a more professional look along with the trendy style it provides.
This watch is generally recommended with a dark-toned shirt that is much better if half-sleeve. The watch has a superior material quality that gives it an edge over other watches in the same range. It is suitable for social gatherings and events and can be used as an attractive accessory to complete the look.

Move on Watch

Best watches for men

This is yet another premium quality watch from NIBOSI providing a classic look. The NIBOSI Chronograph Rose-Gold Men’s Watch is incredibly durable and can last a lifetime if maintained properly. This watch has a subtle design and attractive color that would highlight the softer look of your personality.
This watch is perfect for gifting to your loved ones on their special occasions like birthday or graduation, or gift it to yourself! The durable and comfortable look of the watch gives a highly elegant look on your wrist. This is best suited for corporate events that will make sure that you do not look full of yourself but also not undermine your status and position. This is one of the best watches for professional purposes.

Praised by Heart


Men are judged by the watches they choose to wear. Your taste and choice in choosing watches reflect maturity, sincerity, and style. A good watch will give you the perfect complete look you desire and will make you stand out in the crowd.

Choose wisely and choose now because remember:

A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row Suit. 

Pick the perfect pair of shoes to wear with your watch to complete the look.

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