Youth and Adulthood

Welcome to the Youth and Adulthood section of Days of our Lives where you will learn about your emotional and mental problems and how you can solve them. We might not be experts but we have gone through the same phase as you are going through. We have faced the same problems and with the support of our loved ones are still hanging in there.

This is exactly what we plan on doing for you all. We wish to be your guide and your friend who you can trust. Facing problems related to our youth and adulthood can be messy and understanding them is even harder but a fresh set of eyes on the same problems can do wonders! If you don’t get the proper guidance and support it is very easy to drift away from your goals and aspirations in life. Don’t let that happen because you are too shy to ask! Drifting your shyness is a way better than drifting your goals because of such temporary and silly issues. All you need is a guide, a mentor who can take you out of these affairs.

Readers believe me, you will laugh on yourself as soon as you will cross this and enter into your ’30s because as I have already mentioned these problems are temporary but you have to be cautious: these can soon become serious issues if not handled properly.

Here you will get all the hacks and tricks and a different opinion that may help you overcome this phase and shine. You can’t question or tell anyone? No problem, you can come here, this platform is for your unanswered questions that you think you can never ask anyone because you are shy. Don’t worry, more than 60% are going through the same things as you are facing. Solutions are just clicks away, go and check now!

When you are in your youth years you are consciously experiencing everything for the first time, so adulthood stories are all the beginnings. There are never any endings .


What is self-esteem and How it affects our daily life?

Do you provide yourself with the real worth you deserve? Do you back your abilities and skills and fully trust them in public? Confidence in one’s value as a human is a valuable psychological resource and is a very optimistic side of life; it is connected with success, good relationships, satisfaction, and pleasure. Possessing little self-esteem …

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Internet addiction

Internet Addiction: How to get rid of Internet Addiction?

Internet Addiction is a very serious problem today and what’s even more dangerous is that we don’t even realize we have internet addiction. Everything we want, we need and we require is available on the internet today. We can’t even imagine staying away from the internet even for a single day. This is how well …

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Mental Health issues

Mental Health – How Mental Health Affects Daily Life?

What is mental health ? The world health organization (WHO) defines mental health as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential,  can cope up with the stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make contributions to his or her community.  Mental Health according …

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