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How to step out of your comfort zone? All you need to know!

What is it you are not doing because of fear of failure? What is stopping you from stepping out of your comfort zone? For the first time, his mind processed a thought if as an individual; I feel so indignity to what I am experiencing, what should an entire nation be going through? And from this thought, there was the beginning of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and his struggle of leading India to freedom. Was it easy for him to just leave everything behind, leave his comfort zone, and come ahead? We can only imagine it wasn’t but he did it anyway. He left his comfort zone and lived a selfless life for his nation. Today you don’t have to save the nation, you don’t have to live in the streets then why can’t you leave your comfort zone? 

Why do you need to step out of your comfort zone?

You cannot become the best if you are satisfied with your good. The thing which stops you to come out and work harder is your comfort zone. The Comfort zone is that zone in which you are following the same routine again and again and are reluctant to try something new. Routines can be secure and soothing but they can also be confining over time. They can bind you with all that you have, without the expectation of more. If you think that you don’t need to become best from your good then this article is not for you because for this to work you need to step out of your comfort zone. You need the will and dedication to improve.

Nobody is perfect; there is always scope for some improvement. All those motivational quotes urging you to break out of your comfort zone aren’t just trying to sell you bungee cords but they are teaching you how to jump off the cliff using them. The moment you are standing on that cliff with bungee cords on is your comfort zone but the moment you jump off, you are out of it. You cannot get stuck at the same level for the whole of your life, you have to go on to the next level to increase and test your potential, and this is what life is about; improving and growing.  

Do something new, asking new questions, and answering them without cheating yourself is the new challenge of life. Yes, it is hard to shake yourself out of a routine and leave your comfort zone but this is how you become tough. People don’t know the back-end story of your success; they will only see your growth. Work hard in silence and try to invade new things. 

A farmer sows a seed, waters it, and goes away for the seed to grow. Inside the mother earth, the seed has already broken and the farmer doesn’t know this. One day he will see the sprout above the soil, and that day he will begin to believe that it has already sprouted, but the sprouting happened much before the farmer noticed it. Just like everyone will see your growth but not the hard work you have done to break out of your comfort zone. Many seeds failed to sprout and perished. You don’t want it for yourself, do you? It isn’t easy, but you have to!

hidden hard work for success

What exactly is the “comfort zone”?

The Comfort zone is behavioral where your activities work in a pattern and follow a particular routine that minimizes stress and risk. Comfort zone provides you with mental security, low anxiety, and happiness. 

But it is natural that if you are comfortable doing something, then you deserve something more than that. You can push yourself for more. Anyone who hasn’t stirred themselves to go on to the next level is the one who has never thought of doing something better because they think they already have everything. You only have one life; do you want it to be only satisfactory?

Every time you are scared of stepping out of your comfort zone you have thoughts like “I can’t leave this job, because I am not going to find anything better”; “I am scared of entering into a new relationship because I don’t want to be hurt again”:  such thoughts break you from inside and make you weak. Staying in your comfort zone makes you believe that that’s what you deserve when there is much more you can get if you just take a leap of faith and take that first step.

comfort one and faith

Why is it so hard to step out of your comfort zone?

It is not always that you want to stay in your comfort zone. Everyone aspires for more from life. This is only achieved by stepping out of the comfort zone but why is it that you fail to do even the littlest task? Even completing your college assignments or going for your workout session is a struggle. What are the thoughts that you need to break out from? Your psychology affects this lot. You know you have to complete the assignment or workout but you are too comfortable lazing around and are reluctant to leave that. At the back of your head, you have those thoughts, you know you need to work yet you choose to close those thoughts in a box in the corner of your head.

You run away from your problems and keep them for later. You think you can do them later and can continue staying in your comfort zone, watching series, or sleeping. We all know later never comes. It is also a fact that when you actually start working it isn’t that hard, is it? 

Then what is hard? The only hard thing is beginning that work. Once you get on to it, it is fairly easy. You just need to begin.

What you get when you break out of your comfort zone?

When everything is going right for us, we stop questioning. And because we stop questioning, sometimes we turn our good, to become the enemy of our best. You become someone special when you get out of your comfort zone. There might be a risk when you break out of your comfort zone, but the probability of increased performance, high productivity, and more happiness increases exponentially. That’s a risk worth taking! As long as you are willing to put yourself through any change and stepping out of your comfort zone, you can experience all the joy and self-growth in the world. 

You will be more productive

Comfort kills productivity. The moment you begin enjoying the comfort in doing something you have to put less effort in that which signifies that you are not working 100%, you are working just to finish that task and doing the minimum required. Pushing your boundaries of comfort zone can help you hit your stride sooner, get more done, and help you find smarter ways to do the work which will ensure you give your absolute best and have time left for yourself as well. 


You will go through a transition in yourself as soon as you break out of your comfort zone. You will be way ahead from what you were before because now you have more knowledge, new ambitions, new challenges, and a new zeal to work hard. This is what you need in life, don’t you?

Stepping out of your comfort zone gives you self growth

You will find it easier to brainstorm and harness your creativity

You will experience new situations as soon as you break out of your comfort zone but those situations will increase your coping skill as you will learn new skills. Your creativity level will boost up as you are now working to go to the next level. In Layman’s terms, a positively uncomfortable discomfort will make you push further instead of scaring you. 

The benefits you get after breaking down of your comfort zone can linger. They may vary but they definitely result in soft mental benefits you get from broadening your horizons.

How to break out of your comfort zone?

When we start something new, we all have fear and it is pretty natural. This fear before we start something new is called the “fear of unknown”. This ‘fear of unknown’ sets you away from that simple monotonous life that you are currently living. Set new challenges, ask questions, find answers and you will see that you are moving towards ‘best’ from ‘good’. 

Here are some tricks that will help you to break out of your comfort zone. Remember these are not special tricks neither are any magic formulas. They will work along with your hard work. Your dedication to move up the ladder will decide the implication of these ways, but they will surely help you to decide what to do and where to begin. 

Say positive and motivating lines to yourself

Whenever you are trying to do something new in life and thinking to move forward in life then always say positive things to yourself. Be optimistic. You can give yourself a little pep talk by saying things like “it is not as scary as it looks” or “I can do it”. Think about your main goal and why you wanted to achieve it and you will be confident enough to step out of your comfort zone. Always be positive, everything will go right as soon as you are doing hard work to achieve that. Be patient.

Take nothing for granted

you learn when you make mistakes. Failure is the best teacher. Never take anything for granted. The job you are doing it today comfortably, may not be yours in the future. You will regret then that you did not try anything better. Failure will teach you that you can never take anything for granted. Work hard for everything. 

Don’t be scared of your fear

The things you are afraid of have the greatest potential to expand your life. Move towards your fear. Stand strong and look it in the eyes; they will take you to the best version of yours. Doing things that make you uncomfortable gives satisfaction, no matter if it goes wrong but at least you tried. 

fear of getting out of comfort zone

Try something new until you feel comfortable

keep on finding new challenges in life. Life is all about doing something new. You have one life; who knows how long you will live for so don’t live it monotonously, keep on exploring new things, get comfortable and again start something new, step out from your comfort zone and do things which you think will make you uncomfortable. Why wait for later when your later might never come?

Ask questions

Ask questions

When everything is going right for you, you stop questioning. And when you stop questioning you lose the entire meaning of your existence.

What we know is a drop, what we do not know is an ocean.

Isaac Newton

Start questioning the ‘why’ and ‘how’. Gain knowledge, invade things and you will not have to struggle every time in stepping out of your comfort zone. The quest to get those answers will make you leave your comfort zone. A massive turning point in your life is just one question away! 

Switch up your routine

Routines are comforting and thus confining. Take meaningful decisions for your life and stir it up a little. Take one new decision daily to disrupt your routine, try new things, new routes, new dressing style, and even maybe new work until you actually get what you deserve. 

Do it in small steps

It is quite hard to break out of your comfort zone. So, take things slowly. Never haste. Make small goals, small targets, and try to move forward in small steps. It will keep you rejuvenated and you will find it easier to break out of your comfort zone. 

Never compare yourself with others

When you are breaking out of your comfort zone it is very easy to be intimidated by other people and their progress. But you don’t know how hard they worked, do you? There may be a time when they were just like you, realized it a little earlier, worked hard, and are where they are now. It is never late for anyone. It wasn’t for them and it isn’t for you!

Never try too much when you break out of your comfort zone

You cannot keep yourself out of your comfort zone all the time. Your body needs comfort. So, never try too much, take things slowly. Take a break after completing one new task and then there is nothing wrong to scoot in your comfort zone for a while. It will keep you alive. Never expect too much from yourself and god forbid if you commit any mistakes forgive yourself because mistakes happen when you do uncommon things and step out of your comfort zone. 

Final thoughts

Never settle for ordinary. Because we don’t question what is already working for us, we don’t use our abilities fully and push ourselves in the right direction and things keep moving the same way. Push out from your comfort zone, it will push you back but you do not have to back off because remember it is hard but you have to. That’s the only rule of life. If you again get comfortable and find a new comfort zone, push further! Never settle, always hustle, who knows what life has in for you. Just when the caterpillar thinks that the world is over, it becomes a butterfly.

to fly high step out of your comfort zone

What if the change you are avoiding gives you wings?

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