How to stop food cravings and focus.

How to Stop Cravings When You are Trying to Focus?

Well, we all are somewhere fed up from our cravings when we are trying to focus on something especially when we are on a deadline. This food becomes a carrier of our focus, and then what we are left with are just cravings and imaginations. It becomes hard to focus when something is continuously poking holes in mind. You try and try, but these stubborn food cravings are the way to strong for our brain to fight. We are humans, and we demand food, but not every time. If your food cravings are coming in between you and your focus, then it is a matter of concern. We need something more, some new ideas to stop these cravings and distractions while we are trying to focus. In this article, you will be having all the tried and tested ways to avoid cravings while trying to focus. 

How food cravings distracts you from focusing? 

You might be wondering how serious can food cravings be? Is it serious enough to disturb your focus and put you in a helpless situation? Well, yes. It can be very serious for some people and the sad part is they don’t even realise it. One who is always facing these food cravings or other temptations, find it hard to focus on other things. They are just left with these temptations in hand and thinking them all way round. 

How many times have you faced a situation where you take a pause unknowingly, just buzzing around some thoughts, “what if I had this- a candy, a choco bar? I want to eat chocolates; I will start working after I order something to eat”. And then again come back to your senses after passing more than an hour on those temptations and thoughts. These cravings control most of the parts of your senses, and you find it difficult to catch back. Once you start thinking about something tasty, your body releases a hormone which basically and ultimately distracts you from the thing which you need to focus. You lose control over your mind, and that’s where you fail. 

There are specific ways which will help you to avoid your cravings and focus on something more substantial. 

Some ways to handle and stop cravings.

There can be medical reasons for your untimely and unnecessary food craving all the time like eating disorders and it is recommended that go get yourself checked by a professional but before that you can try some of the below listed ways that may help you control it. Even after you are diagnosed with something you can continue using the methods as they are very trival and can seriously help control your cravings.

1. Take a Brisk Walk

It is better to take a quick walk whenever you are suffering from cravings. You might get distracted for 5-10 minutes but your next one hour will go smooth without any temptations. Keep this in mind that when you are walking, you should be thinking about the work that you will be doing after that short walk. Walking and thinking about your work will help you focus in a better way than before. You can think of how you’ll reward yourself after you finish your work.

2. Treat yourself first

Before going to your work, or anything, treat yourself at the beginning itself. This will keep your mind and heart shut for a short period of time and that will help you focus for that while. This is the tried and tested way and in fact, a very obvious one that will surely help you.

3. Drinking water will help you to stop cravings

Yes, your body might confuse your thirst demand into your cravings. This is one of the most common reasons for distraction when you are trying to focus. The sudden urge of any food can be suppressed by drinking a large glass of water. You can avoid this by drinking lots of water after a particular period. Drinking water is also beneficial for the overall body as it also helps our immune system. So, hydrating yourself well might solve your problem.

4. Keep yourself away from your favourite food while trying to focus

This is a simple trick which can help you in one go. If you are unreachable to your favourite food, then your craving will automatically collapse. You can do this in various ways and find the one which is more convenient. You can either work in a different room or disable ordering applications on your mobile. Once you know that the food is now not reachable to you until you finish your work, from that moment onwards you will focus more diligently. You can also chew gum to stop cravings for food. 

5. Take a shower before working

Taking a shower with lukewarm water can help you keep yourself away from the temptations and distractions by calming down your nerves. You feel better and fresh after taking a bath and that freshness motivates you to work and focus better.

6. Plan your meals to stop cravings

This could sound absurd at first but we have been planning and scheduling our meals since the very beginning. We generally only plan breakfast, lunch and dinner and in some cases may be evening snacks. That is the only planning we do for our meals but if you face craving then you should try scheduling meals every two to three hours. You can plan something light for these schedules and it will help you very well. You’ll know when you can expect to eat next and that will help you in the long run once you get in this habit. It is just a matter of controlling the mind and not anything. If you are unaware of an upcoming meal, then your mind starts spiralling and that is the reason for your distractions.

7. Stress can be the reason

If you are in a stressed situation, then you are more likely to think of food and other temptations to divert your mind from stressful thoughts. You should avoid doing important work that needs your complete focus when you are stressed. It is very likely that you’ll get distracted, submit to your cravings and feel guilty later. Try to work on your stress-related issues first.

8. Sleep Deprivation

It is a scientifically proven fact that if you are not getting enough sleep, then your body appetite system might break down. This can lead to random starvation and thus distractions and cravings. Sleep deprivation can also cause various obesity problems and health-related problems and we can’t rule out eating disorders either. Here is the article which will help you to improve your Sleep Schedule.

9. Accept the thought

Okay, it is also cool if you accept the idea and act upon it. Let the cravings overpower you for a short duration of time, eat something good and get back to work. This will help you make yourself calmer, and you will be more focused for your after you have satisfied yourself. No doubt this method can change your working habits, and thus is not the most suggested way to overcome the craving. But, it can be followed if you want to focus urgently, but your food craving isn’t allowing you. You can cheat once in a while but not always! 

10. Play a game for a short time 

This is also one of the tested ways which can help you when you are trying to shift your attention from cravings. You can play your favourite game on your mobile and then again get back to work. This will help you in taking control of your mind and will demolish the craving in just a few minutes. Trust me, it works. It will help you to stop cravings. But you do need to keep the playing time in control too, but that’s a discussion for another time.

11. Coffee may help to stop cravings

Coffee may help you to avoid temptations

Rather than serving yourself junk food, you can treat yourself with a coffee. Even though it is the caffeine that boosts your energy and focus and is not good if taken in large amounts but taking it in a controlled way is a good way to control your cravings.

12. Protein factor

Protein is the best energy source that will help you with the energy you need to get through the day. You should include food items rich in protein as it can help cravings and even late-night cravings. Also, it will continuously provide your body with energy which will be helpfl when you are trying to focus.

13. Feed yourself with something after a break of two hours

Yes, this helps. You have to feed yourself something light every two hours, which will not keep your appetite hungry. If you are appetite is not ravenous, it won’t demand food and thus will mark a full stop on cravings. You can eat nuts or fruits in these breaks that are also good for your body and brain.

How to avoid food cravings and focus.
Avoid food cravings

14. Think about the consequences

Think about the consequences which you will face if you do not complete your work on time due to your cravings. If you will think such, this will automatically alarm your mind and help you focus and drift away from your cravings. It is all about your mind and how you want it to think. You have the control and you can do anything you want to. Just think the right thoughts and you won’t need the give into cravings anymore.

15. Meditation 

Meditation is the permanent and the best sure-shot solution to your food cravings. It is one of the best practices that you can introduce in your lifestyle to control your mind. Apart from cravings, meditation is also beneficial in preventing any kind of temptations, be it sexual, physical, or mental. Meditation is the best solution to avoid cravings. Not only will it help in controlling the mind, but it will also help in increasing focus and mental strength which happens to be our ultimate goal. 

The Bottom Line

These are all the ways that can help you have a better hold on your food cravings and help you focus better. These are all self-tested and are from some other trusted people that have worked with these and have gained success. These are very general ways that do not have any side effects thus trying them will not do you harm. You can try these and maybe a few of them works for you!

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