How to enjoy little things?

Learn how to be happy by enjoying little things?

We all are looking at bigger goals in our life. We all are busy in finding big every time and in that we forget to enjoy little things. Do you remember the day when you laughed at smaller things? Do you remember how you used to laugh at smaller things when you were a kid? We all curse ageing as the main reason behind our lost happiness, but somewhere we are also responsible for that.

Do you ever try to find out the reason behind your stressful life? Behind your unhappy and busy life? Have you ever? Yes, it might be harsh, but the reason behind this is that you do not see everything from a different perspective. You are busy finding those big blocks of happiness rather than the small ones. And one thing, are you able to get even closer to those big blocks of happiness? I hope you might be, but if now than what is the reason? The reason is your bigger expectations.

The two sides of life.

On what reasons you used to laugh when you were a kid? A dog trying to catch a fly? A squirrel running up a tree and skipping to the street? Watching your mother dancing in a wired manner but joining her as soon as she reaches in between? Yes, these were my situations where I used to laugh. You guys must be having yours because everyone laughs freely when they are a kid. But we are missing all this now, why? Because we are taught to be more serious about our work rather than our happiness. We are taught to prioritize our work rather than laughing like a kid.

Why are adults expected to be serious? You can even enjoy your life by enjoying little things. A lot of scenario walk inline with us when we are living our daily schedule. There happen a lot of things on which you can find you happiness, but you choose to be serious because you are taught to be like this. You can never deny the fact that you are more comfortable when you laugh.

live life like no one is watching.

There are two ways to see life; one is to live it like a monotonous creature, and other is to live it like a happy human who is in search of his happiness every time. The later one can provide you with a bit less income, but it will give you happiness which at last, matters. We all want to be happy and to be happy we have to enjoy little things going in our life.

We should see the optimistic side of everything. Even if your day is going bad, rather than to stay dim, what you can do is to take a half break, go on a walk, watch birds chirping, kids playing in the park and play with them if possible. Don’t see life as a boring usual, if it is usually then it is your responsibility to make it unusual and find happiness in that. At last, you will rate your happiness even more than your income.

You need a Break to enjoy little things.

Watching rich people lifestyles, celebrities, and their way of living are making thing worse. You are comparing your life to them, and this is the worst you are doing. You are not admiring what good you have by watching what best they have. Leave all this, leave watching their lifestyle, just focus on your lifestyle, focus on what you have. There are a lot of things which are only with you and not with them. Admire those things, admire those good moments, those good memories. They are only for you, not for them.

If you are unable to find any of these good moments and memories, then you should take a break. Go to your comfort zone and try to heel down the things. Think of the things that you like the most, the things that make you happy. Do those things; there you will enjoy being you. Don’t see where others are happy; see where you are happy and inculcate those things into your life. This small change in your life will heal you; they will heal your inner soul. A break is essential when nothing is going on your way.

Do you know the fact that when you try to represent yourself as original you, then there is more possibility that you will mark a good impression on others? Like being yourself and not copying others, this way you will enjoy more.

Read this famous quote by Thich Nhat Hanh

There is no way to happiness- happiness is the way.

Thich Nhat Hanh

When was last time you did enjoy little things?

If you think you are not happy with your life then what you should really do is to think of the things that used to make you happy in the past. When was the last time you enjoyed things with full enthusiasm? Do you still

How to enjoy little things?
  • Read your good books in your free time?
  • Went to movies randomly with your friends or family.
  • Took a long nap of like 4-5 hours without any sort of stress and tension.
  • Went to your favourite exhibition show?
  • Watch the sunset from your favourite destination.  
  • Spent time with kids in a park or just lying down in the park on a sunny day?
  • Laughed after watching dogs playing or cats fighting.
  • Cook food for your whole family?
  • Spent your full evening with good friends without looking at your cell phone.

When was the last time you did these things? No, no, please don’t lie to yourself. These are the things which can make your life happy. These are some things which you have to enjoy. Live in the present without thinking of your future and past. Take out one full day for yourself. Do everything on that day which you want to do in your so-called perfect life. Try to make that day perfect. There are things which will not allow you to be happy, but for that single day enjoy every little thing.

I accept that life does not go monotonously, sometimes you win, and other time it is life who knocks you down. But what will you get if you are still thinking about that defeat? Is there anything you can change? If yes, then definitely proceed but if not then what is the sense of not letting go your past situations? You cannot change your past and neither you can revert it. You have to take the first step towards our happiness. Just grab your wrist and walk away from all the negative thoughts.

What are those small things you should enjoy?

How to enjoy little things?

We all have imagined our day when we have lots of money, a day where there would be no restrictions. The “small” here in enjoying small things is a dependent quantity. The subject here is, you do not need monetary investment to initiate those happy moments. Neither you have to change your full lifestyle for this, but what you need is a desire to be happy and desire to enjoy little things. If it does not require any monetary investment, then why are people failing to make their better? The reason behind their sorrowful life is their happy list. They expect more from life; they want sudden changes in life for their betterment. Everybody wants this, but for that, you need to enjoy little things that are going on in your life.

Final Thoughts

Happiness is everywhere you want to see it. There are small things that happen every day, and this is what is big. You have to realize it is there and this is mostly up to you. Do not think that now we do not have to expect something big from life, you have to, but first, you need to embrace those small happy moments. Let them rule your life; at least you will always be happy then.

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