Personality development tips.

Personality Development | How to improve your Personality

We all have heard about the word Personality Development. What does it mean? An individual’s personality refers to his/her appearance, attitude, how he/she thinks, characteristics, and behavior with other individuals. Many of us want our personality to be eye-catchy and smooth, for this, we have to improve our personality and this improvement for the better is known as Personality Development. When it comes to polishing your skills and improving your character, the possibilities are endless, but you have to take action. Improved personality can have a major impact on life and carrier. There is a belief running from old times that you cannot predict the nature and trait of a particular human being but personality is a typical pattern of behaviors, thinking, representing, outlook and they are unique. With outstanding efforts and determination, it is possible to master personality development.

 “Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.”

Brian Tracy

Let’s first see on what factors the personality development depends upon.

Factors on which personality development depends

Following are the factors which help in shaping one’s personality from birth.

  1. Heredity – Heredity refers to factors that are determined by parents. These factors cannot be changed but after intense hard work and determination, you can turn them in your favor. An individual’s physique, attractiveness, body type, color, body structure depend on his/her parent’s traits. This factor plays a major role in personality development.
  2. Environment – Personality Development majorly depends on the environment you have lived in your growing years. Family background, friend circle, and many such factors play a crucial role in personality development and improving it.
  3. Situation – Circumstances and situations also have a great impact on personality development. Every person responds differently in every situation he/she has gone through. Situation molds you, accordingly you respond to that.

Let us go through the importance of personality development:-

  1. Personality development grooms an individual and helps him make a mark of his/her own.
  2. It goes a long way in reducing stress and conflicts. Good Personality development will surely help you in your social life.
  3. Personality development helps you develop a positive attitude in life.
  4. It also keeps you be motivated in life, as it increases self-worth.
  5. Personality development helps an individual to inculcate positive qualities like punctuality, flexible attitude, willingness to learn, friendly nature, eagerness to help others, and so on.
personality development tips

Tips for personality development

1. Look Good

look good

 The very basic principle to improve personality is to look good in front of others. This is one of the best tips for personality development. Do whatever possible to look good. Having an eye-candy look is admired by all. Looking good doesn’t mean to look smart, fair instead it is to look clean and tidy, properly shaved and neat, hair did properly, good clothes and dressing sense, and having polished and clean shoes.

You should know which color suits you, in which hairstyle you look better, fashion sense according to your complexion and your body structure. You should know what you should wear clothes according to the occasion. To sum up, you should learn to be neat and tidy and know how to dress accordingly for mastering personality development.

2. Take Care of your Personal Hygiene

Do you like anyone who smells awful? Do you like yourself when you smell bad? No! Exactly, no one likes them. People sense the body odor and then unintentionally judge the person if they smell bad. It isn’t your fault, it’s basic human nature. If you smell bad it would make people uncomfortable, so if you have an important formal task, make sure you smell good. Personal hygiene is a key factor in personality development. Perfume shouldn’t be too strong, some people are allergic to the strong smell so choose carefully. To smell good, take bath properly with good quality soap and scrubber. This will surely help in your personality development.

personality development tips

3. Improve your body language

You can impress anyone and show off your personality development by the way you represent yourself. To mark a good impression on others, your body language plays a major role. Non-verbal communication skills, actions, representation of the body are the factors that determine the body language of any individual. You must have heard a popular quote “The first impression is the last impression”.  Bad body language can hamper your chances to put a good first impression on others.  

How to improve your body language?

  • You should not fold your arms while talking to someone. Put your hands hanging near your thighs, or you can also move your hands like non-verbal actions. This is important for personality development and grooming.
  • You must maintain proper eye-contact while communicating.
  • Don’t fold your legs. Hold them in a right posture.
  • Make your body posture attractive, If you have a body posture problem, correct it though exercise.
  • Your line of sight should be parallel to the ground while walking. This will help you walk with confidence and improve your body language.

4. Meditation, Exercises, and good diet for persoanlity development

To improve personality one must take a regular healthy diet, exercise regularly, and should meditate regularly in the morning.  This will help you in your personality development. Meditation will keep you calm from inside and will make your aura powerful.

good diet

Exercising daily will help you burn your calories and fat, and also it will shape your body. This will rejuvenate you from inside and will help you to feel good from within. Exercising daily will release dopamine, a feel-good hormone, which will help in removing stress, anxiety, and many other mental problems that will thus remove your barriers from personality development.

Taking a healthy diet will fill your body and will give a glow on your face as well as on the body. One must take a healthy diet to improve your health and feel good naturally. If you aren’t healthy physically then personality development is out of the list.

5. Work on your communication skills

Your communication skills define your personality to other people, so you should improve your communication skills. Communication skill doesn’t mean only verbal actions but it also includes non-verbal actions. You should learn how to approach new people and communicate with them. This will boost your personality development. Holding a good conversation with the other people will put a great impression and will thus mark a great impact on his/her mind.

This can only be done if you hold command on the language you are speaking. Fluency in speaking also comes if you have a command on a particular language.

Ask open-ended questions so that you can hold a conversation long. Get involved with the person you are speaking with. Make him feel that you are really interested in talking with him.

6. Sense of humor

See the funny side of life. Don’t always go through the logic, find the sarcasm in the things, and address it with a pun. This will release stress and also make you become likable. Everyone likes a happy person. Develop a good sense of humor, it isn’t tough, you only have to see the funny side of things instead of always being serious. Having a great sense of humor greatly affects your personality development. You can do it by watching comedy series and reading books, cracking jokes with your friends comfortably, or by any other source you prefer. Don’t tend to insult others by your sense of humor, make sure it is only meant for laughing purposes.

7. Meet new people

This is the most important part of your personality development. Meeting new people impacts your personality a lot and you can learn new things from strangers. When you meet new people you get nervous, this is what we have to stop for personality development. You learn many things from new people which will also show up in your own personality. You never know what the other person has in store for you, learn to appreciate the good things in others, and inculcate them within yourself. Raise your network, remember “Network is the Net worth”.

meet new people

8. Learn to deal with People to boost personality development

You not only have to meet people but you also have to deal with them in a nice way for effective personality development. You can do this by simply remembering a simple rule in mind and that is no one likes criticism and if you criticize people, they will justify themselves and will not admit their mistake. So try to avoid criticism as much as you can and learn to deal with people in a way they want to be treated. Once they get comfortable with you then you can correct them politely but in the beginning don’t rush. Let people know their mistakes on their own instad of critisim, that would be more impactful.

You can also compliment others to mark your impact on their mind because everyone likes to hear good about themselves. Greeting everyone with a smile will also help you in personality development. If you are feeling shy in approaching someone don’t worry, just pass a smile and slowly initiate the things. You will see the table-turning on your side.

9. Learn positive attitude

Try to see things and situations from another person’s point of view and if you find them wrong, apologize straight away but if you are not getting your mistake then apologies will not help. Show your attitude and handle the situation positively and calmly. This is a one of the key factors in personality development.

10. Personal Branding

“Brands are the solution” and if that brand is you then what’s better than that? Try to build your own brand and things. You can take help from the internet and any other social media platform, make a mentor that will help you in that. Earn money because in the process of learning how to make money you will learn many aspects of personality development as well. So you should try to create a personal brand for helping personality development. Be a Freelancer!

11. Manage Time for good personality development.

personality development

Time management is also an important skill that you should take in mind for personality development. We all have the same 24 hours but some people do more at the same time. Learn to utilize your time and manage it properly to improve your personality. Be cautious about activities you are doing and be more productive every time. Being productive will also help in managing time and will also help in personality development.

12. Read books to expand your mind 

Reading books is the best habit you can ever apply to your life routine. It not only enhance your knowledge but also marks a good impact on your every skill especially communication skill. It will expand your knowledge and will give you new topics. This will surely help in developing personality. Be always available to gain knowledge because knowledge is power and it brings you a lot of fortunes and skills for personality development.

13. Identify and avoid your bad habits 

Bad habits are speed breakers of your personality development. It always covers the good traits and shapes our personality according to them. So, try to build good habits and rectify your bad habits. If you aren’t grasping any good habit it’s okay but if you are not avoiding your bad habits then this will definitely hamper your personality development. Identify your bad habits and eliminate them from your life. Learn how to Break bad habits and enrich your good habits instead.

14. Set goals, ask why, plan, execute, fail, and achieve

Have a purpose of living. Don’t live a life that is purposeless. Make goals in life and try to accomplish them with your efforts and determination. Everyone will like a person who has a purpose in life. Don’t just spend time, use it in your favor. Give meaning and add value to your life and society, ask yourself why you want to achieve your goals? Make a plan to accomplish them. This will surely help in personality development.

set goals

Best Instant ways for Personality Development

  1. Don’t masturbate. Take no Fap challenge. This will surely give you tons of benefits both mentally and physically.
  2. Your tie length should be till your belt buckle only, Shirt tucked deep inside, & Polished shoes. Be well dressed, be presentable.
  3. Stand tall, Sit straight, walk confidently as if you own the bank not like you want a loan from it.
  4. Start a workout or play a sport. This will shape your body and build your stamina.
  5. Increase your Hunger; for knowledge, for success, for developing your personality with every passing second.
  6. Groom yourself, get rid of your shabby self and be neat and tidy. Keep your beard clean and trimmed.
  7. Smell good. Take a bath every day, Shampoo your hair, Use mild deodorant, if necessary.
  8. Clean your teeth regularly, bad breath is a big turnoff.
  9. Eat with your mouth closed. Stop eating fast. Chew as much as possible. With no sound.
  10. Always carry a wallet, Comb, Belt, Perfume, a pen with you.
  11. Don’t yawn in front of others. Have a Good Sleep Schedule.
  12. Cover your mouth while sneezing, coughing, etc. Say ‘Sorry/Excuse me after you have done.
  13. When you’re going out, Always wear what others like, not of your choice. When you’re home, wear anything, or don’t at all.

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