COVID-19 pandemic and Lockdown

What have we lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown?

On new year’s eve, everybody must have made plans for a year filled with adventure, happiness, thrill, and lifelike they had never before. Who would have thought that a horrendous pandemic would take over the world spilling water over all these plans? The COVID-19 pandemic led to the lockdown in most of the countries and has still been spreading.

Potential vaccines will only be available for mass use by fall next year, and all we can do is stay home and stay safe. During these past months of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, we have lost a lot. Now I would not be going into the failing economy and negative GDPs of countries; we have already heard about it enough, we have lost other aspects of life as an individual. We might not realize it now, but if you compare it with the events of six months ago, you’ll see substantial changes and losses.

How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting students and their mental health?

COVID-19 pandemic and Lockdown
COVID-19 pandemic and Lockdown

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown have affected every segment of the society and no age demographic is unaffected. Still, as a fellow student myself, I can relate to other students well. Staying at home doing nothing has been a dream for every student for the best part of their student life UNTIL SIX MONTHS AGO! We did wish to have a long vacation, but it included us going out with our friends, partying, watching movies, having sleepovers at a friend’s, and also eating everything we wanted. Nobody wanted to be jailed in their houses and for such a long time now. Not only has stayed home affected our schedules, but it is also taking a toll on our Mental Health.

Phases of our Time during COVID-19 pandemic

There were three phases for me during this COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown that the majority of us faced.

The first phase was the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic and the beginning of the lockdown. At that time, everyone became angry about why they were suddenly jailed to their houses and kept away from their happening lives. While it was also a period of immense difficulty for the lesser privileged sections of the society, allow me to focus on students for the sake of this article. The students usually had a hectic life with their classes and friends. It was all alarming and sudden that led to anxiety in several students.

The second phase was when everybody got a bit used to the pandemic and started liking being idle at home. It was the time when social media was roaring with challenges, and everybody was busy making Dalgona Coffees. The students had the ease of waking up at any time they wanted as they only had to attend online classes. We watched all the movies that we could watch and binge-watched all the series we had placed in our wish-list earlier. It was the time when everybody was talking about Money Heist, Dark, and played like Ludo and PUBG. It was a wonderful time yet short-lived.

The third phase was when the second phase was no longer a phase of enjoyment but became a regular schedule like the regular days, but this time the schedule only included your house. There are only so many coffees you can make and so many series you can watch. Once it became regular, even watching series and movies, and sleeping comfortably became a burden. This was the most extended phase and is still going on. Everybody is desperate to live a free life like before, and we can only hope to get a vaccine soon.

COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown and mental health

The third phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown is the one that is responsible for affecting the Mental Health of Students and even adults. For the adults, the situation has become a bit bearable as they can at least keep themselves busy as the countries are opening slowly. I wish I could say the same for the students as well. For the students, everything will spread a bit later after ensuring proper safety standards and precautions, but we do need it now! Staying at home and doing nothing all day has led to our minds to become more anxious. An empty brain is the home of the devil. See these Productive Things to do in this Lockdown.

At schools and colleges, students could keep themselves busy that would keep their minds away from negative thoughts.

Study at school

At home, you can’t help but get the same repetitive thoughts each day. Seeing the same four walls of the room has become a struggle, and yet the next day is still the same. You look at screens all day for online classes and then again for entertainment. It has also led to internet addiction in many students and even problems like dry eyes and headaches. Studying is not the same anymore, nor is resting and entertainment. Let’s hope that the world recovers from this pandemic soon so we can lead an everyday life like earlier and also Focus on Studies as we did earlier.

COVID-19 pandemic and Lockdown

How has the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown affected our schedules?

The second and one of the most important things that people have lost during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown is their schedules and discipline. It has been a very hard few months, and we can’t point fingers at anyone for losing their discipline, but we can’t ignore this fact. It took years and years of practice and discipline for the students to have a proper schedule where they wake up at the same time and sleep at the same time. I think I say for a majority of us, that we have successfully ruined our schedules. We sleep late, and we wake up late, we attend the online classes with sleepy eyes and even sleep at a time. We eat breakfast during lunch and lunch during snacks. And let’s not get started about fitness and workout! I don’t even remember the last time I was full of energy and ready to do something new. All I know now is, I have become a lazy and lethargic person who isn’t excited about life anymore. It’s sad!
Studying has also become harder. Sitting in one place for an hour or two for focusing on our studies was a habit that we had cultivated over the years. It was possible because we weren’t sitting the whole day and now it is miserable that this habit is fading away. The daily discipline and schedule are getting hazier each day, and it’s going to be a long time after the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown that we regenerate our previous discipline.

Other things that we have lost during the COVID-19 pandemic

online studies in Covid-19

We should also now forget the students that were at the last stage before entering the new stage in their life. The final year school students who would enter college next year and the final year college students who would have to take on jobs and start to work hard for their living; this would have been the last year when they could have enjoyed everything a little bit more. They would have spent a little more time on their campuses and create fond memories with their friends who would go to different cities and states. They did lose very significant time in their lives! The farewells, the proms wouldn’t be the same, and we can’t blame anyone but the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Final Thoughts

While I do believe that this could have been a good time for people, we shouldn’t forget what we lost during this time. The period could have been easier for some and harder for others. Acknowledging the things that you lost and the things that aren’t in your control will give you a better chance of feeling better and healing. If you are safe at home, then be happy, for you have got a haven to survive the time of immense difficulty. Always try to help the underprivileged and stay safe in your home. Always be careful when you are out of your house and please DO USE MASK. Let’s hope for the speedy recovery of the world from the horrific events of 2020 and pray that the world gets the vaccine soon.

Until next time, take care of yourself and your mental health. Don’t be anxious. You are not alone. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

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